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Coach 360

Feb 23, 2018

In our latest episode, Mackey is live with the Clemens High School Women's Soccer team.

Mackey goes on to talk about the very small success rate for New Years Resolutions and expresses the reason for it being largely unsuccessful because it is easy to transform your desires, but it is hard to transform your actions. It doesn't cost you anything to change your "want-to".

Mackey applies this to the idea that we should always strive to live above the line in all aspects. There are going to be days where living above the line is hard and you will have to say yes instead of no, but if you will do that and commit to it, it will not only change what you do, but what you think.

Mackey also talks about the idea that we are not disqualified, no matter our struggle, no matter what we've been through, we are never disqualified.