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Coach 360

May 25, 2018

We have a special episode for you as we reach the end of the week. We're sharing a clip from one of our curriculum videos, "Your Role". Colton shares with us a little bit about what this idea means to him and how sports were an outlet for him while he faced family struggles. This is an all too familiar story, that we...

May 23, 2018

In our latest episode, Colton is live with Coach Todd Vesely, Executive Director at Ector County.

Coach shares his transition from being a coach to working towards an administrative role. He talks about how the common themes he used in coaching was easily translatable to other programs across the board, which is what...

May 21, 2018

In our latest episode Colton and Mackey are talking about perspectives and the idea that having different perspectives than one another doesn't make one party right and one wrong.

Mackey shares a story about an experience he and his wife had while engaged and how the way they viewed the situation then is completely...

May 18, 2018

In our latest episode, Colton is speaking with the Aggie Christian Business Leaders Club about his move from the security of a job at a fast-growing company to diving head first into a start up with his best friend.

Colton and Mackey go back about 10 years, and over that time as he was crafting his speaking ability,...

May 16, 2018

In our latest episode, Colton is live with Coach Kent Jackson from Seminole High School.

Coach Jackson talks about his program's mantra, TR1BE. Which stands for:

Coach talks about replacing the i with a 1 representing one tribe, one unit, one mission. Coach dives in a little...