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Coach 360

Jan 27, 2020

Athletes perform better when they are confident in themselves and trust in their coaches. So how do we, as coaches, help our athletes get to that point of confidence and trust, so our athletes can go on to reach their full potential in sports and life? 
During this interview with Head Volleyball Coach and Girls' Athletic Director Clark Oberle of Decatur High School, Colton and Coach Oberle discuss how to build confidence in our athletes. Some of the suggestions you will hear about include: making practice fun and personal, helping athletes focus on their individual roles, and teaching athletes the dedication needed to sacrifice for their team.

Key Takeaways
-If you focus on building your athletes, the wins will come.
-Each player has a role, and they more they focus on that role, the more confident they will be.
-Athletes will try their hardest when practice is fun and personal.


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