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Coach 360

Jan 20, 2020

When your program is founded on the vision, standards, and values that you live by, you give the athletes in your care an opportunity to learn how to be great men and women. It's not just the big ideas like: Be better than you were yesterday, Don't settle for good enough, and Treat others with respect. Those ideas are communicated through sports, but it's not the big ideas that actually hit home; instead, it's the daily repetition and living of those ideas that makes the difference in your athletes' lives.
During this interview with Head Football Coach Carlos Lynn of Cedar Hill High School, Coach reminds us that we only have a small window of time to impact our student-athletes, so let's pour as much good into them as we can in the time that we have.

Key Takeaways
-The world is full of average; be above average.
-Be better today than you were yesterday.
-Focus more on the game of life.


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