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Coach 360

Jan 13, 2020

Many coaches will not stay with one school or district for their entire career. Circumstances with the school or your family, as well as your own ambitions, can all lead you away from your current athletic program and athletes. It's a natural progression, and there may come a point where you have to make the hard decision to leave the student-athletes that you have poured so much into. When that time comes, remember that kids are kids, and they all need a good coach to pour valuable lessons into them. 
In this interview with Athletic Coordinator and Head Football Coach Brian Herman of Marble Falls High School, Colton and Coach Herman dive into ways to make connections with students and leave them with a legacy of toughness and discipline when your time with them is over.

Key Takeaways
-Do the best you can where you are.
-Reward kids for exhibiting toughness and discipline.
-Make connections with athletes, build relationships.


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