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Coach 360

Jan 6, 2020

Being an athlete is a major commitment. You don't get time off from it. Even if you are injured, you support your team from the bench and you uphold the team values off the pitch. Our student-athletes need to understand that whether or not they're wearing the jersey, once they join our team, they are an athlete, and there are expectations for that - Expectations that they put character first, learn from their mistakes, and demonstrate self-discipline. 
During this interview with Coach Ged Kates of Birdville ISD, we are reminded that being an athlete doesn't stop when we leave the field and being a person of character doesn't stop when we're behind closed doors. 

Key Takeaways:
-There are no days off when it comes to being an athlete or a person of character.
-We're all one decision away from the worst decision of our lives, so let character always be your guide.
-Kids want something to believe in, something to demand something of them, and someone to love them.


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