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Coach 360

Apr 22, 2019

In our latest episode, Mackey is live with Luke Turpin, Head of Production here at 2Words. Luke steps out from behind the camera to join Mackey for a conversation on Luke’s journey to 2Words which included a few leaps, a whole lot of trust, and a passion for following and believing in something that was going to change the lives of hundreds of thousands coaches and athletes.


Luke shares how curriculum videos he created 2 years ago have changed the way he interacts and lives his life now. Mackey encourages that the content will consistently be absorbed differently and viewed through a different lens depending on how you’ve have grown and changed from listening to it the first time.


Key takeaways from this podcast:

  • Do things that intersect all aspects of who you are and what you love
  • There may be value in taking a leap, and so much so that you may not think it was a leap at all
  • Always focus on the GREATER goal


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