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Coach 360

Sep 27, 2018

In our latest episode, Mackey is live with coaches from Northside ISD sharing words of encouragement about their upcoming LEAD event. Mackey shares what this event looks like and how it is used to facilitate change in each athlete that attends.

Tomorrow's leaders will be built in today's locker rooms. This year alone there will be over 15 million high school students that walk through school doors in America. As coaches, teachers, and parents, you are taking this next generation to the next step in their life. You are influencing, equipping, and encouraging them to become the best person they can be.

Key Takeaways:
-Take notes (a short pencil is better than a long memory)
-When asking your athletes questions, reframe it three different ways to allow each athlete to understand and apply questions in their own way
-When discussing character and personal growth concepts, defer to the athlete.

If you'd like to see a LEAD event held at YOUR school, please email

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