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Coach 360

Sep 24, 2018

In our latest episode, Colton is live with Coach Renee Putter of Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD.

Coach Renee Putter is the Athletic Director at Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD and has spent over 25 years with the district. Prior to that, believe it or not, she spent some time as a police officer. In this podcast we get to learn more about CFBISD and the things they value.

Coach emphasizes the character traits that CFBISD hopes to instill in each athlete during their time as students, and she reiterates the importance of school and athletics laying the groundwork for each student to become a successful individual and citizen later in life.

Some key takeaways from this week's podcast:

  • Pay attention to the little things
  • Take the time to know your students, children, or athletes
  • Encourage your athletes, students, and kids that they can do it all, and you're right there to help them.

Coach really emphasized the importance of building community engagement. They recently held a district wide prep rally that consisted of over 5k people from the community. We go into details about how they achieved this incredible event.

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