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Coach 360

Jan 18, 2021

Before there is trust, effort, and a run-through-a-brick-wall-for-you commitment, there is LOVE. 

This episode with Devon Mann, Head Football Coach and A.D. at Santo ISD, hinges upon love. Not a Valentines Day feels love, but a Day One, Unconditional Choice to love and want the best for your athletes. From there, we range widely, hearing about keys to success for first-year coaches, the difference between a GOAL and a MISSION, running a Leadership Council (hint: there's gotta be food involved), and the benefits of allowing other voices speak, not only the Head Coach. 

Key Takeaways:
- Team Meals show the kids that we as coaches are human.
- "COVID has felt a lot like coaching: you try something, it doesn't work, you back up, punt, and try again."
- Culture is sexy to talk about until you have to defend it.

Coach Mann can be found on twitter @CoachDmann

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