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Coach 360

Apr 18, 2018

In our latest episode, Colton is live with Coach Herring of Refugio ISD.

Coach talks about the importance of not allowing circumstances to affect your performance, and shares the devastation that Hurricane Harvey had on his town. He talks about putting himself aside and being more than a coach for the athletes by sleeping in cots with them when their home was destroyed, beginning football early to keep them focused on something other than their hurt, and continually being a support system throughout the rebuilding process.

Coach goes on to talk about the fact that as coaches, they were going to allow the athletes to use Harvey as an excuse to not give their best each and every day. The way they had to go about discipline and enforcing rules looked a little different than normal because Coach ensured each athlete put his family first, but his expectations of every single one of them stayed the same.

Because of the coaching staff's attitude, the athletes were given a sense of hope during a time when most of their life felt unsure.