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Coach 360

Mar 26, 2018

In our latest episode, Mackey is live at Wimberley High School talking discipline and pride.

Mackey stresses that whatever your goals and dreams are, both in sports and in life, they require discipline. Those goals are going to require that you say "no" to some things that everybody else gets to say "yes" to. Some of you will have to sacrifice what you do on the weekends and who your friends are to reach your goals and dreams. There's going to be something in you that thinks it's not fair to have to say "no" when others say "yes", but you will realize that your hard work, your dedication, and your goals and dreams are bigger than theirs are. The cost of your goals and dreams are higher than theirs are. Success is always expensive and its currency is sacrifice.

The difference between where you are and where you want to be is your pride. There are two types of pride. There's the pride that says, "I'm gonna prove that I'm right without the evidence, the pride that can never be coached. You can tell how successful we will be by how eager each of us is to be coached. The intelligent person is the one who asks all the questions and isn't satisfied with being their best today, but wants to pursue being the best for the future.

We must continually pursuing daily excellence, the pride that says, "no matter what it is, I'm gonna own it. I'm going to take personal responsibility for everything in my life every single day. Excellence isn't about chasing perfection, excellence is trying to be the best version of yourself you can be every single day. What you do with your pride is the difference between where you are and where you want to be.