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Coach 360

Mar 21, 2018

In our latest episode, Colton is live with Coach WT Johnston of Newton High School.

Coach Johnston talks about the importance of setting the stage the first practice by explaining the responsibility to the community and the team each player has when he has the uniform off and on.

Early during his coaching career, Coach Johnston was diagnosed with a condition that affected both his heart and his lungs. After being diagnosed and being on a waiting list for a transplant for over a year, the time came for him to undergo surgery. He underwent the surgery and soon after, the doctors realized that the organ had began to reject his body, which has been the case for only 15 people in the world. With his odds balancing, Coach was determined to get better. With no one ever have surviving this disease, Coach has continued to power through adversity and three years later, is coaching football, dedicating his life to changing the lives of his athletes.

Coach talks about how he feels lucky to be able to go through his life and see the impact he's made and the people he has encouraged before he dies. He talks about understanding that adversity will come and when you face adversity you have to look at it head on, avoid going around it, and go right through it.

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