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Coach 360

Feb 28, 2018

In our latest episode, Colton's joined by Coach Sam Harrell from Southwestern Assemblies of God University who shares his journey of having to step back from coaching for a while after being diagnosed with MS to fighting back and being able to pursue his passion of being a coach once again.

On his way to a wheelchair, Coach Harrell never thought he'd have the opportunity to coach again until after a successful stem cell treatment (3rd round) turned his world upside down. Slowly gaining feeling back in his leg and starting to be mobile, he began coaching.

Coach Harrell talks about appreciating the small details in life like getting up and being able to put on Nike shoes and outfits in the morning.

He takes us through his own experience and the mindset he had while dealing with his illness, his motivation to continue to fight, and his determination to pursue excellence in his life.