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Coach 360

Jul 14, 2021

Coach Armando Jacinto was told "No" 25 times before he was finally told "Yes".

In this episode with the President of the Hispanic Texas High School Coaches Association and AD of Spring ISD, we talk with Coach Jacinto about his long road to success. From being guided into the coaching profession as a player, to struggling to land a job due to his ethnicity, to being inspired by a former player of his own to set his sights even higher, Coach Jacinto knows the importance of seeing what CAN BE, rather than only what is.

We also meet the Hispanic Coaches Association, whose mission is to build and equip Hispanic coaches for positions of leadership in Texas.

Key Takeaways:
- "A good coach makes players see what can be rather than what they are."
- It's important for kids today to see men and women who look like them in positions of leadership.

For more info on the Hispanic Coaches Association visit:

Armando Jacinto can be reached at

Coaches Social on July 19th 7pm at Smoke BBQ!

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