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Coach 360

Aug 31, 2020

You don't have to get sick to be affected by the pandemic. Everyone is experiencing loss due to COVID-19, whether that's loss of a season, loss of experiences, or loss of loved ones. Going through this difficult time is naturally going to bring up a lot of emotions, and it's not uncommon to feel like you're on an emotional roller coaster.

In this episode, Mackey explains that it's okay to grieve, but it's not okay to stay in that grief for too long. At some point, you've got to go from grief to giddy up.

Key Takeaways:
-COVID-19 can’t take away your value or your worth.
-It will take more strength to ask someone to help you than to cope alone, but that is the only way to truly heal.
-It's okay (and even necessary) to grieve, but it's not okay to stay grieving for too long.


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