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Coach 360

May 22, 2020

We all need a little encouragement from time to time--encouragement to look out for our FAMILY, encouragement to help us through tough situations, and encouragement to remind us of what's most important in life. In this episode, Mackey serves up these three types of encouragement. He reminds us that every member of your family (whether that's blood relatives or sports fam) is important to making the family successful. He encourages us to remember that our response is always within our control. And he encourages us to tell the people we love how proud we are of them. Ready to be encouraged?

Key Takeaways:
-We are only as strong as the weakest one of us.
-Tell the people you love that you are proud of them, and be specific about why.
-We can't choose our circumstances but we can choose our response.


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