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Coach 360

Apr 27, 2020

Team values that aren't put into practice are just words. That said, having an easy-to-remember acronym to consistently remind athletes of our team values can help athletes to turn those words into action.

In this episode, Coach Sam Harrell breaks down the acronym FAST, which they use at Ennis High School to talk about their team values. FAST stands for: Faith, All in, Selfless, and Toughness. They put this acronym on t-shirts, encourage each other to be a FAST team, and talk about the values everyday. FAST reminds athletes to have faith in each other and something greater than themselves, to be all in with their effort, to be selfless and giving, and to be both mentally and physically tough. 

Key Takeaways:
-It's amazing how much you can accomplish when no one cares who gets the credit.
-Instill the values in athletes today so they will keep that mentality when they leave.
-FAST: Faith, All in, Selfless, Toughness


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