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Coach 360

Apr 22, 2020

Our work adds up a little at a time until we reap big results. But if we don't put in our little bit of work today, that little bit rolls to tomorrow, which pushes tomorrow's work to the next day, just like a snowball begins to gather mass as it rolls down the hill, until the work has piled up into an overwhelming heap. 

It's easy to put things off until tomorrow. It's easy to schedule and plan for what you will do tomorrow instead of just doing it today. It's much harder to execute today on what you said you would do today. In this episode, Mackey and Colton discuss the whys and hows of doing today's work today, rather than putting it off for tomorrow.

Key Takeaways:
-Don't let your worry outpace your work.
-Do today's work today, or it will have an effect on tomorrow.
-Focus on the work that is right in front of you.


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