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Coach 360

Mar 16, 2020

As coaches, we have to hold our athletes accountable for their actions. When they mess up a play in the middle of a big game, that's on them. After all, we're not the ones playing; they are. But, we have to remember that every kid responds to constructive criticism differently, so the way that we address accountability and hold each athlete accountable for their actions will be slightly different. To get to the point where we know how to hold each of them accountable, we have to know our athletes on an individual and personal level.

In this interview, Colton discusses accountability and knowing your athletes with Athletic Director and Wrestling Coach Bobby Cook of Duncan High School in Oklahoma. As Coach Cook remind us, the majority of coaching isn't about teaching kids to play a sport, it's about developing a growing human being.

Key Takeaways
-Hold your athletes accountable.
-Get to know your athletes on a personal level.
-Try your best to delete negativity because negativity loves company.


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