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Coach 360

Mar 2, 2020

Our athletes will not grow without challenges and adversity. They need obstacles in their path, so they can learn how to overcome natural opposition. The playing field isn't always fair--refs make mistakes and the other team might have better players than we do. But, life is not always fair either, and the field is a safe place for our athletes to learn this truth. Regardless of unfairness or adversity, our athletes are capable of learning and growing, and we just need to put them in positions where they can prove that to themselves.

In this interview with assistant athletic director and Girl's Basketball Coach Jade Allison of Bishop Kelly High School, in Tulsa, OK, you'll hear her views on creating obstacles and adversity for athletes, as well as advice for when to remove athletes from competition. 

Key Takeaways:
-Your attitude affects your outcome.
-Control the controllables, and let the rest go.
-Create opportunities for your athletes to overcome adversity.


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