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Coach 360

Nov 22, 2018

In our latest episode, we are bringing you part two of Mackey's live talk with the athletes from Alamo Heights. In today episode, Mackey challenges athletes to realize that mere ambition will never be enough to satisfy.

Mackey dives a little deeper in this talk, reiterating the fact that being successful is about more than mere ambition. He talks about the fact that being successful is taking everything you have been given and use that to grow to become the very best YOU can be.

Key takeaways from this podcast:

  • Winning is NOT all there is, realize that.
  • Mere ambition is selfish
  • When you fight for a numeric or a status, once you get it, it'll still not be enough

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and want you to know that the 2W team is thinking about you! We are thankful for you this holiday season and wish you nothing but rest, peace, and joy.

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