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Coach 360

May 23, 2018

In our latest episode, Colton is live with Coach Todd Vesely, Executive Director at Ector County.

Coach shares his transition from being a coach to working towards an administrative role. He talks about how the common themes he used in coaching was easily translatable to other programs across the board, which is what drew him to a more administrative role.

Coach goes on to talk about what winning means to him. He believes winning is maximizing your performance and the performance of others, making as big of an impact in young people as you can. Winning can take on many different looks, but our real purpose is to help develop others.

Coach gives us a deeper understanding of the steps it takes to grow and develop leaders. One of the steps to becoming a great leader is giving your best every single day, which Coach talks about being the hardest thing you'll do.

Giving your best is being able to measure, whether you really gave your best, and the only person that really knows that is you. It becomes a habit if you continue to give your best day in and day out, never compromising for anything less. When you give a little bit less than your best, you are showing those around you that that is acceptable and becomes the culture that surrounds you. People will learn so much more from you by what you do rather than what you say.

Coach ends our podcast with a message to listeners. "A profound positive vision for the future, is the first and most important ingredient for success."