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Coach 360

May 21, 2018

In our latest episode Colton and Mackey are talking about perspectives and the idea that having different perspectives than one another doesn't make one party right and one wrong.

Mackey shares a story about an experience he and his wife had while engaged and how the way they viewed the situation then is completely different than the way they view now looking back. He talks about the importance of experience shaping our perspective and how different situations can be looked upon differently as we mature and grow.

Mackey shares the idea that as we all step into different leadership roles, we will encounter others who will not share in our perspective or understanding of a situation due to the fact that they lack experience. When we find ourselves in a position where someone doesn't understand a decision that we're making or a strategy that we're implementing because they have not had the experience, there is an element that they have to simply trust the leader, but there's also the element that the leader has to be secure enough to explain and invite them into understanding an experience that they've not yet experienced.

When we take the time to take a step back from our perspective and step into someone else's, whether it be following a head coach's decisions as the assistant coach and not necessarily thinking their decision is right, we need to go all in and give it as much effort as if it's our own. That humbleness shows respect and that shows a willingness to learn. As a coach, you have shown the ability to be coachable in that moment.

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